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I want to give a shout out  to coach Trent for training my boys and also my AAU Basketball team, hard to find professionalism these days, I chose coach Trent because of his great instruction and knowledge of the game and most importantly my kids results just want to say thanks a lot my brother for helping me out!

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My son has not only gained new skills and improved upon skills he already had, but he now has the instruction, guidance, and confidence he learns from Elite Training by Trent to work on his game during the rest of the week.  He looks forward to every training session and comes away with additional and unique tips each time.

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Trent’s experience as a coach and former collegiate player sets his training techniques apart.  His ability to connect, motivate, and train his students is impressive!  If you are interested in skill development that produces results; I would highly recommend ETBT.

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Trent Morgan is a passionate trainer that is truly invested in the development of his players and he works relentlessly on his craft. Any player that works with him is very fortunate.

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Trent’s high paced workouts have continued to challenge my son and helped elevate his game.  Trent is fully engaged in the workouts and the variety in the different drills make each workout extremely competitive and challenging.  He has been instrumental in my sons continued development.

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Elite Training by Trent has made a huge difference in my daughter’s game.  With everyone stressing AAU, we wanted to focus on fundamentals first, which is what Trent offers.  For us, the individual training was critical for our daughter to continue to learn and develop.  We also enjoyed the clinics put together by Trent throughout the summer with guest coaches, and the opportunity for my daughter to work in larger groups.  As a testament to Trent, we have continued using him throughout the season to continue to strengthen her skill and fundamentals.  Trent is a true coach with a great attitude, high basketball IQ, and an array of drills to improve all phases of the game.  You will not be disappointed if you decide to use Elite Training by Trent, I cannot recommend him highly enough.

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I am pleased to be writing this testimonial for Trent Morgan and The Elite Training by Trent staff. I have known Coach Trent for seven years from our days as assistant coaches at Cuyahoga Falls HS. Trent is a diligent, tireless worker who cares about the players, their experiences and how they are achieving, both on and off the court. Trent knows how to encourage struggling players to achieve their best and pushes all of our players to go beyond personal limits.  Trent leads by example, knows game strategies and situations and is a great motivator. Our players have thoroughly enjoyed their time with Coach Trent and our program has made great strides in the last 2 years due in large part to the Elite Training by Trent staff.

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Trent is fantastic! He works the boys hard and they are challenged the entire workout! Highly highly recommend Trent!

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I thank Trent for being such an encouragement to my son. I want to point my kids to people that they can see a reflection of God and I see that in Trent. Very blessed to have him be a part of my son’s life. It is way more than basketball.

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I can not say enough positive things about Trent Morgan and what he does for the kids on and off the basketball court. His knowledge and  passion for developing players and helping them reach goals on the court and in life is what makes him so effective in what he does. Trent is also a very good motivator and knows what to say and how to relay the message so they understand what needs to be done. The kids in my program love learning from him and being around him!

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Your son or daughter can expect to get championship caliber training from Elite Training by Trent.  Trent’s approach to training is very unique in that he has a way of breaking down a player’s strengths and weaknesses and tailoring an individual work out to improve their basketball skills.  These training sessions have not only elevated Colin’s game but his confidence too.

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Training with Trent has been a great experience for my son as his skills continue to improve with each session. Trent is a great communicator and is very detailed oriented as each workout has a purpose and is built to push, challenge and motivate my son to improve his all-around game. Most importantly for me, as the parent, Trent is a great mentor for my son.  Not only does Trent improve his skills on the court but his message of hard-work and dedication are skills and characteristics that will help him off the court for years to come!

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When in the presence of Coach Trent, it is immediately apparent that he is a passionate, committed, and driven individual. He has an engaging personality and positive spirit that draws out the best in people. When you combine this wealth of positive attributes, his knowledge of the game of Basketball, and his dedication to teaching young players, great things happen! I have seen immediate results in my son, in a relatively short amount of time, since he began Elite Training by Trent. My son  is excited about the improvements in his game, and he has taken his skills to a whole new level. I am so thrilled to have such an outstanding person as a mentor for my son, and I am grateful that Coach Trent shares his time and talents with young athletes. I highly recommend his Program to any and all looking to improve! This truly is the best Training available!

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